Zarina Abdenova: Favorite job - to bring value to the consumer and bring the result for the company

The most important for me in work is .... to do the work as my own business. Moreover, I have the experience having had my own PR and media agency for 4 years. At the same time, it does not matter for me where I work: whether I run my own business or I work in the corporate sector - the most important is that I do every project sincerely - the only way I can.

Why did I return to the corporate sector? One day I just realized that I am a strategist by my type of thinking and abilities. Marketing manager`s position allowed me to fully realize myself from this point of view and demonstrate strategic planning skills when you can see the picture of the business as a whole. If you bring an allegory, this is when you see different beads and you put them in a chain to make a beautiful necklace. I also enjoy when the team understands the goals of the project and can work smoothly and clearly to implement it.

Precise calculation or intuition? From my point of view, marketing is a combination of data calculation and intuition. This is exactly the type of work that combines a number of very different directions. On the one hand, it is extremely important to be able to logically analyze large amount of data, to be able to build causal relationships, to be able to understand the entire value chain for consumers. On the other hand, at many stages there is no way to get answers to questions only through logical analysis. In such situations, it is necessary to "live" the life of your consumer, and here you just can not do without intuition. Also, intuition comes to the fore when work is underway to launch something fundamentally new. And I like to “grope” the trend in marketing, and do something new, keep up with the times. For me, professional happiness or happiness from work is when you go from an idea that no one believed in to an implemented project, a satisfied consumer, and a successful business.

If we draw an analogy with wildlife, then marketing is ... migratory birds! They fly to the place where everyone feels better. For us, humans, it’s a complete mystery how they know where to fly and what to do, but  somehow they find their way. At the same time, in order to reach their destination, for them, as well as for marketers, it is important to have well-functioning teamwork.

My main reason for pride is ... my feeling and intuition. This is probably a gift of fate, but I manage to feel the needs of people and their psychology. And most significantly, to give consumers what they need through marketing, digital and PR tools. The main value in my work is to change people's lives for the better (be it in the area of health, beauty, leisure or culture). I believe that work should be of value to the consumer and result for the company.


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